Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Admart.Asia

Admart.Asia is becoming more and more popular now and in order to make our site more friendly to the users, we are going to add some new features, like facebook connect, new WeChat Forum and new Admart design etc.

We love new idea from you - Send us an email at Enquiries@Admart.Asia!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

GingerAsia business for sale...

I found out today that GingerAsia.com which is to some extent a competitor of Admart.Asia is up for sale. I took a closer look at their website today to see if there was any part of their business worthwhile buying or collaborating with them.

Like Admart.Asia, GingerAsia offer classified ads, property, cars, jobs and dating, along with a few other categories that Admart.Asia does not have. Their website differs from ours in that they seem to have a model of creating and placing content on the home page. Also their home-page is very filled with information. Some people might say its "cluttered" although some people might well find the format interesting. So, I quicky decided not to make any offer to buy the website.

The advertisment for sale from GingerAsia also gives us a chance to assess some details of a competitors business that we did not previously know. Interestingly, GingerAsia state they have 8500 members. Admart has many more members, which is encouraging for us. They also state that their site could be expanded to cover China, Vietnam, Bali/Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. Right now they cover Thailand, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Whereas we took the approach when we launched Admart of immediately covering all countries in Asia. We viewed Admart to be like Craigslist, but for the Asia region, and our aim was to build a site immediately scalable to a worldwide level.

Either way, we wish the best of luck to the new buyer of the GingerAsia classifieds website. Below is their actual notice offering their business for sale:

GingerAsia.com - this pan-Asian web-based business is for sale: it has a proven franchise model with individual franchises selling for up to 2.5m Thai baht (75,000 USD) plus profit share, as well as a past track-record of sales revenue success even in difficult market conditions.? ?

A rare opportunity has arisen to purchase a share or outright ownership of the established GingerAsia web-based business with a pan-Asian business model that can easily be extended to a global marketplace. GingerAsia was developed as a world-class online lifestyle portal over a period of more than two years with significant financial, technical, creative and business investments. Each franchisee website provides hard-to-find insider information on living in, working in and visiting different destinations within Asia.

In addition, readers can browse a rich database of relevant classified ads and source services such as medical care or car hire, all of which have revenue generation opportunities.? ?The fully-built and stable content management and administrative system allows local websites to be launched and operated easily in any country, region or city and the person running them can select and upload any type of content they wish. Signed-up members, who already total around 8,500 after 24 months of live operation, can place classified ads for anything from jobs to dating to sale of property or home appliances.

The result is a comprehensive combination of insider information, local guides and classified ads all pertaining to each location and all presented through a sophisticated user interface, with multiple revenue opportunities.? ?A significant investment was made in developing and proving the technical platform – all based on current internet standards – which allows for automation throughout, with advanced searching and even dedicated member areas and forums. The administrator can manage the whole business from anywhere using an intuitive, custom-built administrator’s control panel.

After 2 years of continuous successful operation, daily maintenance is minimal – freeing up time and focus for marketing, sales and addition of new creative content.? ?Local franchises have been sold for Thailand, Hong Kong & Macao and Malaysia but for various reasons have not been fully realised. Singapore is another fully built-up site that is immediately ready for a buyer. Markets like China, Vietnam, Bali/Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, Japan, Taiwan and Korea are yet to be exploited.?

Revenue for the business comes from upfront franchise sales and then a royalty on all revenue from advertising and other commissions from each location. The current owner of the site was able to build up an average of 100,000 Thai baht (3,100 USD) per month in sales revenue in a single territory alone at the peak of the financial crisis, prior to selling that franchise, demonstrating the strength of the business model, even before the website was well-known.? ?This is an ideal opportunity for someone who would like to run an international business online, with minimal effort and who wants to acquire a ready-made business already well-known across Asia. There is virtually unlimited capacity for content and advertising in a system that took more than two years to develop and which has received significant financial investment.? ?

The business is now unexpectedly for sale since the owner has pressing commitments with a rapidly-developing new business venture. The owner has already recouped part of the original investment through successful sales so is willing to sell the business at a modest level to ensure a quick transaction. The owner now simply does not have the time to commit to building the business, managing the franchisees or building up content or advertising on any of the sites pending new franchisees.

The websites have just recently had a complete technical and aesthetic update to reflect current online style and make them more web 2.0. Appearance, technical function and speed were all improved by a professional development team so the result is a completely up-to-date and robust technical platform ready for a new owner to take over.

GingerAsia is a genuine business opportunity for someone looking for an established business already well-known as an online brand in many countries in Asia. It has been created to require very little technical ability on the part of the owner and successfully taking it to the next level requires only time and some modest general business and marketing skills. The high degree of automation allows the business to be run by an individual or partners and any extra resources can be focused on sales and promotional efforts.

Enquiries are invited from serious parties to take over a share or the whole of the business. The present owner is prepared to manage a transition period to assist a new owner (or owners) in familiarising themselves with the business or to work on a consultative basis as a partner should he retain a stake in the overall business. The price for a share or the whole of the business is negotiable depending upon the level of support required from the present owner and he is open to all reasonable offers.

This unique opportunity is available immediately but in the first instance, please express your interest by emailing franchising@gingerasia.com with your details within the next 14 days. All enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Admart.Asia Team & Wayan Wish You Have A Happy New Year!

Wish you have a Happy New Year!


Admart On Mobile - You can admart on mobile anytime! Admart is going to launch an Admart.Asia iPhone Application - it's free to download! (Press is coming soon)

Admart Loves Charity - Admart supports charity activities always! (This Saturday 16th Jan, Lamma Island will hold a dog beach party! Welcome everyone to join! Also LAP will have an adoption day in North Point, Hong Kong. Just email me at Wayan.Chan@Admart.Asia for more information!)

Admart is running very good in Hong Kong! This year, we will more focusing on Singapore market!

I want to say THANK YOU to all Admart.Asia Team - Admart Programmer, Admart Sale Team, Admart Design Team, Admart Editorial Team! I love you all :) Thank you so much working so hard on Admart.Asia!

I feel very warm and sweet that people on street (I dont know them but they recognize me from ADMARTASIA MAGAZINE!) came and talked to me, told me they love ADMARTASIA MAGAZINE! And encouraged me to keep adding oil on Admart! They also said to me they saw Paolo on the street sometimes!

PS - ADMARTASIA MAGAZINE Vol. 2 got a big response from public! (You can read magazine online, click here)

Paolo has a Facebook account - search Paolo Meyer-Rochow!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Admart.Asia & New WeChat Forum

Over the weekend we lauched our updated Admart.Asia website. We have made a range of changes to the site, some which are noticable, and some with are "back-end" changes.

First of all, we created a new homepage for www.Admart.Asia. On the Admart homepage, there are now the flags of 21 countries covered by Admart.Asia. Clicking onto a flag will take the user to a local country portal for all of the classified adverts for a particular country.

Secondly we made a range of changes that we hope will make the information on the Admart website easier for search engines to find. One unfortunate consequence of this, is that some of the existing web-links to our site may not work (as we have changed the sites url structure), but long term we think the changes will help and were necessary if Admart is going to be Asia's leading classifieds site.

We also made some changes to the way users can navigate the site. And finally we made changes to the WeChat Asia Chat forum, incorporating suggestions we received from various users of Admart.Asia WeChat.

Christmas is quickly arriving, and so from the Admart.Asia team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

ADMARTASIA MAGAZINE! Paolo become a cover star!

Thanks everyone who gave us great comments on ADMARTASIA MAGAZINE!

Here we are!

PS - Paolo loves his first cover page and this become his pillow at night! Sweet!

PPS - Where to find ADMARTASIA MAGAZINE? You can find us in some cafes, restaurants, shops and schools! Email us if you want ADMARTASIA disturbute at your shop!

You also can view it online at www.Admart.Asia! Just click the magazine cover on Admart.Asia homepage!

Wayan Chan

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Admart.Asia - Cyberport IncuTrain Centre Orientation Day

Hi. I joined Cyberport IncuTrain Centre Orientation Date and was great!
I visited the Cyberport Digital Media Center and some photos here: