Sunday, July 6, 2008

The idea of Admart.Asia

Ok - so I had decided I wanted to do an internet business, but did not know what kind of business really to start. I had a few ideas of selling things on the internet, like make up, or collectable items. But the problem with these things seems to be that the shipping costs are quite high, and also many people are doing this king of thing already.

What I did realise, when doing research on this, is that people are struggeling to find ways and places to advertise their products. Popular sites for selling in Asia are Yahoo and also Ebay. I did some research on various alternatives and places where things can be advertised for free in Asia. Suprisingly, there was not really an easy to use single web-site where people can advertise things they want to sell.

What I did find in Asia is that there any many many different sites, most specialized in selling certain things - eg for cars, you have for example for cars, in Malaysia you have and For property in Australia you have, and in Hong Kong you have For dating in Vietnam you have For dating in India you have Etc, etc. Hundreds of sites, all for selling or advertising things, but scattered across Asian countries with different website names and domain names, and all focused on particular items or topics. Hmmmm - is there some way to organize all of this on to a single site for Asia I wondered?

I also came across a site called in the USA. What I found interesting about that site was that it did seem to enable people to advertise pretty much anything they wanted, all on the same website. I also noticed that is was popular in the USA, but not very popular at all in Asia. I asked some of my friends to take a look at the Craigslist site. What was interesting was that most Chinese people, and especially girls, do not like the look of the Craigslist site. They found it very horrible to look at. Some Western people, did seem to like using that site, but those I spoke to also admitted that the site does not look good, but they did say that it functioned well (and I agree it does, once you get used to it).

Ok - so, my idea. What not create something for Asia, that functions like Craigslist, enabling people to advertise anything. And why not make it easier to use than Craigslist. Andand make it nicer to look at than Craigslist! I would use a site like that, and so would my friends I think. So that was the basic idea. A site that enables people in Asia to advertise anything, for free. I discussed this idea over a few days, especially with some people I know who work for tech companies and in the internet and advertising industries. Some were quite supportive, and offered me great advice. And so over the next few weeks, speaking to people and researching about internet businesses, I slowly started to get a more clear idea of the business that would become Admart.Asia


Mila Cross said...

I like your blogs and I can relate to where you are right now because I'm starting an entrepreneur path in life right now as well. That idea for Asia is wonderful, and I agree about craigslist! It is quite popular, but very ugly to look at. =P
check out my blogs if you can,


Anonymous said...

Interesting to read your blog Wayan. I am looking forward to reading more. I like the Admart site by the way. Great idea.