Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

Well, its a nice time of year and today we are celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival. Tomorrow is a holiday, but of couse Admart.Asia will be up and running as usual.

For this festival, most people will eat moon-cakes, although I do not like them very much. And on the topic of mooncakes, check out this advertisment here, where a Singaporean is giving them away for free....

Today, we also added a new "Festival image" to our site, which is something we do from time to time (OK, yes, that idea was inspired by Google with what they do with their "Google-Doodles" on their website). What we do is display little pictures from time to time to draw attention to an upcoming event or festival in Asia. You can of course see the latest image on our site at www.Admart.Asia


Anonymous said...

I want to make friends with U..
Would you?

Craig Pang said...

Me too. I would also like to get to know you.

I follow your blog so please write more.

Maybe I better place an advertisment on Admart.Asia website to try to meet you! (Or a nice person also...)