Saturday, October 3, 2009

Whisper whisper at the cafe

Its amazing to see people reading my ADMARTASIA MAGAZINE. The most funniest thing is: they looking at the editorial page, and me, and editorial page and me and editorial page and me and whisper! Ha ha ha! Sweet!

To everyone who has read ADMARTASIA MAGAZINE, to everyone who sent me add-oil messages.

I want to say thank you to all of you. This is really sweet and surprise me! You guys make the magazine full of LOVE AND ENCOURAGE!

WY is going to join a competition and a programme from XXXXXXXXX :) I will announce it shortly.

WY CODE - I W I C D B. I W I C T B A H M C! W M L! (People who can guess this will get a prize!)

Wish you have a happy October!



Anonymous said...

good to hear your update wayan.

Anonymous said...

You are so cute. I saw you yesterday night at central! I like your magazine! Tsimfuckis is so cool!

Coolman said...

What is WY CODE - I W I C D B. I W I C T B A H M C! W M L! ?

Will you tell us one day?